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AWS – Architecture Exam Study Resources

These are links to AWS white papers and YouTube videos that I share with my students for deeper reference as they are getting ready for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate and Professional Exams.

AWS Architecture Videos

Transit Gateways from re:Invent

Managing Your Infrastructure as Code

Managed Database Services on AWS

Getting Started with Serverless Computing using AWS Lambda

Best Practices for Architecting Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions

AWS Security by Design

Yelp’s Distributed System for Concurrent Task Execution

Extending Data Centers to the Cloud

Connecting Many VPCs

Running Lean Architectures: Optimizing for Cost Efficiency

Deep Dive on AWS CloudFormation

From 0 to 100 Million Records in 1 Second

Scaling Up to Your First 10 Million Users

Amazon S3 & Glacier Storage Management

Elastic Load Balancing Deep Dive and Best Practices

Amazon EC2 Instances Deep Dive

Amazon Aurora Deep Dive

Advanced Design Patterns for DynamoDB

CloudFront Best Practices

Disaster Recovery with AWS

Security and Compliance at the Petabyte Scale

IAM Policy Ninja

How Netflix Tunes EC2 Instances for Performance

VPC Fundamentals and Connectivity

Traffic Management with Amazon Route 53

ElastiCache Deep Dive

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes

Deep Dive on Amazon Elastic Container Service

Coinbase – High Security IAM at Speed with AWS: 

AWS Architecture White Papers

Other Links


AWS Pricing Calculator

AWS Architectural Icons for PowerPoint

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